Carnegie Mellon University

Enterprise Architecture and Organizational Design

The Institute for Software Research, Executive and Professional Education, offers training courses and a professional certification in the domain of Enterprise Architecture (EA).  During the past several decades EA has become an increasingly important element in information technology strategic planning and business enablement.  In a January 2015 survey by CIO Magazine® of corporate Chief Information Officers, EA was listed as one of the Top-5 most valuable skill areas that they are looking for.

Because EA provides a uniquely holistic way to examine an entire organization, this EA certification is an important and beneficial addition to the education and experiences of executives, managers, and staff in various business and technology areas including risk management, program management, business process improvement, data management, software application development, systems and network engineering, cloud and mobile solutions, configuration management, asset management, operations research, and cyber security.  

Our “Certified Enterprise Architect” (CEA) program consists of three integrated courses: 

  • EA Fundamentals
  • Advanced EA
  • EA for Mergers and Acquisitions

Topics covered in the CEA certification program are based on the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) that enterprise architects and domain architects need to know to do their jobs in various analysis and design projects at each level of an organization, as well as to successfully progress in your career.  Download KSA list

Students in the CEA program learn current EA approaches and best practices from leading public and private sector organizations around the world. This includes the basics of the Zachman EA Framework, Spewak’s EA Planning Method, The Open Group Architecture Framework, Bernard’s EA3 Cube Framework, the U.S. Federal EA Framework, the DoD Architecture Framework, and the Government Accountability Office’s EA Management Maturity Framework.

The CEA curriculum is designed with working professionals in mind, with each 12-week course being taught online through Carnegie Mellon University’s robust learning environment. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours per week on assigned readings, a weekly video lecture and discussion posting, monthly phone conference sessions, a short topic paper, and a final course research paper. The outcome is that our CEA’s are able to understand and apply EA concepts in their work which allows them to scale their analysis, design, and management abilities at the highest and most detailed levels of large complex organizations in a consistent manner – a unique and valuable skill. Those who earn CMU’s CEA professional designation also benefit from lifetime participation in our network of graduates who work in the EA and other fields globally. Please contact our staff at for questions and registration information.