Carnegie Mellon University

Cybersecurity Leadership

The Institute for Software Research, Executive and Professional Education, offers training courses and professional certification in the domain of Cybersecurity Leadership.  This domain focuses on leadership issues associated with the delivery and use of risk-adjusted security solutions for computing and communications environments world-wide.  Students learn the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity and their application to executive-level planning and decision making.  This is not a technical curriculum.

Instructors are practicing and former senior government and business executives in the field of cybersecurity who bring real-world experience in leading programs for large/complex organizations in the public and private sectors.  Concepts, practices, legal requirements, and case studies are presented from the viewpoint of a senior executive and draw from examples of cybersecurity designs, plans, incident responses, and procedures that were both successful and unsuccessful in countering potential threats and actual attacks.  The relationship of cybersecurity leadership to other areas of business and technology governance is also covered, including the relevant aspects of strategic planning, risk management, enterprise architecture, investment planning, program management, and human capital management.

The professional designation, Certified Cybersecurity Leader (CCL), involves a series of three twelve-week online classes that are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals.

The content and structure of the series allows those who do not have a background in cybersecurity to be successful in the certificate program, as well as providing new areas of knowledge and applied practice for students who do have prior cybersecurity experience.  The courses can be taken in any order and don't have any prerequisites.