Carnegie Mellon University

Big Data Analytics Series

Big Data Analytics course series offers professional training through the Institute of Software Research, Executive and Professional Education office. The ability to accumulate, organize, and analyze large amounts of data is a recent technical advance that has begun to affect nearly every facet of our world. Big Data methods promise to give those who have mastered them unprecedented insight into a new powerful dimension of analysis.

New analytic opportunities in virtually every field have been created by the extraordinary growth in on-demand computational capacity, the development of stable platforms for widely distributed processing, and the emergence of advanced algorithms for finding complex patterns in data. Additionally, entirely new information driven products and services have emerged that make use of the oceans of data available online, bringing new dimensions to the fields of cyber security, biotechnology, aerospace, and many others.

The professional certification requires the completion of a three course series, each consisting of twelve-weekly online classes that are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals.