Carnegie Mellon University


Individual Courses
Students receive a completion certificate from Carnegie Mellon University's Institute for Software Research (CMU-ISR) for each course in the series that is successfully completed.  

Professional Certification
CMU-ISR also awards the professional certification in Big Data Analytics to students who successfully complete all three courses in the series.

Target Audience
The Big Data curriculum is designed for developers, engineers, systems analysts, and technology leaders who want to master the technologies, platforms, and methods that enable Big Data analysis. Students will learn how to provision, configure, and deploy both AWS platform technologies and in-house Hadoop clusters to acquire, store, and analyze very large amounts of information to complete Big Data analysis tasks. Most of the work in this curriculum is team-based and task-oriented. How to manage the planning and development processes associated with Big Data projects will also be covered, as well as how to effectively structure and communicate analysis results to a non-technical audience. Students enrolling in this course series should have intermediate-level proficiency with the unix command line, Java programming, and basic probability/statistics.