Carnegie Mellon University

Enterprise Architecture for Mergers and Acquisitions

Instructor CEU Units # of Lectures Hours per Week Tuition
Scott Bernard 4.8 12 6-8 $2,700

Course Objectives

This 12-week online executive education course provides specific concepts and methods to enhance the success of organizational mergers and acquisitions (M&A) throughout their lifecycle by using enterprise architecture (EA) analysis and design practices.  The course is taught via the University’s online learning environment and monthly class-wide conference calls.  The graduate-level course material is designed to benefit those involved in pre/post M&A activities and is also applicable for mid-career professionals in business, technology, and public administration.  There are no pre-requisites and the instructors are highly experienced subject matter experts in EA and M&A.  The workload is 6-8 hours per week and a course completion certificate is awarded by Carnegie Mellon University.


EA Fundamentals or Challenge Exam 

Required Textbook

An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture, 4th Edition, by Scott A. Bernard, AuthorHouse, ISBN13: 978-17283588055

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Restructuring Activities (7th Ed) by Donald DePamphillis.   Academic Press, 2014, ISBN:  9780123854872

EA/M&A Course Reader, 2014


Lecture 1:      Overview of EA & M&A Concepts
Lecture 2:      EA in the M&A Lifecycle for the Acquiring Organization
Lecture 3:      EA in the M&A Lifecycle for the Acquired Organization
Lecture 4:      EA in the M&A Lifecycle When Merging Peer Organizations
Lecture 5:      Strategic Architecture Considerations
Lecture 6:      Business Architecture Considerations
Lecture 7:      Data Architecture Considerations
Lecture 8:      Application Architecture Considerations
Lecture 9:      Infrastructure Architecture Considerations
Lecture 10:    Security Architecture Considerations
Lecture 11:    Using EA to Lower the Risk of M&A Failure
Lecture 12:    Using EA to Increase Organizational Book Value