Carnegie Mellon University

Challenge Examination for Enterprise Architecture Fundamentals


Required Textbook

An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture, 3rd Edition, by Scott A. Bernard, AuthorHouse, ISBN: 978-1-4772-5800-2

Examination Description

This examination evaluates an applicant's knowledge of fundamental enterprise architecture (EA) concepts and practices in a way that is consistent with the EA Fundamentals course offered by Carnegie Mellon University. The approach to EA used in the EA Fundamentals course is the EA3 "Cube" Framework and methodology that is explained in the book: "An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture" ISBN 1-4208-8050-0. Some questions come from the book, which is available through on-line bookstores.

The design of the challenge examination ensures that applicants understand EA and the EA3 Cube Framework, also used in the Advanced EA course. Completion of the Fundamental, the Advanced EA and the EA Architecture for Mergers & Acquisitions courses are required to earn designation as a "Certified Enterprise Architect" from Carnegie Mellon-ISR, for which a separate certificate is issued. There is no challenge examination for the Advanced EA or EA Architecture for Mergers & Acquisitions courses.

The application for the Challenge Exam can be found on the bottom of the enrollment page.