Carnegie Mellon University

Architecture for Digital Transformation

Instructor CEU Units # of Lectures Hours per Week
Yoshimasa Masuda 4.8 12 8-10

Course Objectives

This 12-week online professional executive education course provides concepts and methods to proceed with Digital IT strategy and process digital transformation by using digital enterprise architecture (DEA) – the Adaptive Integrated Digital Architecture Framework (AIDAF).  The course is taught via the University’s online learning environment and biweekly (or weekly) class-wide web conferences or phone calls. The workload is 6-8 hours per week and a course completion certificate is awarded by Carnegie Mellon University. Upon course completion participants will:

  • Understand how to describe Digital IT Strategy and depict Digital IT Architecture Strategy for Digital Transformation.
  • Understand Digital IT Architecture such as Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), etc.
  • Understand how to identify the fundamental concepts of solutions for the key issues of Digital Transformation.
  • Discuss and analyze problems and their factors in Digital Transformation and Enterprise Architecture, covering Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Data Architecture, and Technology Architecture.
  • Understand how to apply the Strategic Digital Enterprise Architecture Framework and the related Architecture Assessment process with sound Global Communications on Digital Platforms collaboratively in the Architecture Board.
  • Understand how to identify risks in Digital IT projects, Digital IT systems and manage the risks in Digital IT projects for Digital Transformation.
  • Understand how to design and build a practical Digital Enterprise Architecture process with Digital Platforms for Digital Transformation and demonstrate DEA contributions to organizational value with Digital IT Strategy.



Required Textbook

Enterprise Architecture for Global Companies in a Digital IT Era, 1st edition by Yoshimasa Masuda, Murli Viswanathan; ISBN 978-981-13-1083-6

An Introduction to Holistic Enterprise Architecture, 4th edition by Scott Bernard; ISBN-13: 978-1728358055

(As optional) Architecting the Digital Transformation, by Editors: Alfred Zimmermann, Rainer Schmidt, Lakhmi C Jain. (Eds.): ISBN 978-3-030-49639-5



Lecture 1:      Overview of EA and Digital Transformation Concepts
Lecture 2:      Digital IT Architecture and EA Fundamental
Lecture 3:      Digital IT Strategies and EA Scalability
Lecture 4:      Problems and Solutions for Digital Transformation
Lecture 5:      Strategic Architecture Framework
Lecture 6:      Architecture Assessment for Digital Transformation
Lecture 7:      Social Collaboration on Digital Platform in Architecture Board
Lecture 8:      Global Communications on platforms for Digital Transformation
Lecture 9:      Risk Management for Digital Transformation
Lecture 10:    EA process for Digital Transformation
Lecture 11:    Using DEA to start up and enhance Digital Platforms
Lecture 12:    Using DEA to Increase Organizational/Social Value with Digital IT Strategy